FBC Hardwood Floors Installing, Sanding & Refinishing in New Jersey


Wood Floors


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  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing
  • Hardwood Floor Sanding
  • Hardwood Floor Staining
  • Prefinished Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Stairs Refinishing
  • Dustless Floor Sanding
  • Hardwood Floor Resurfacing



Engineered Hardwood Floors

  • Engineered wood floors are constructed from multiple plies of wood with a solid top layer
  • Because more of the tree is utilized to create the plies, less waste is inevitable
  • and can be considered more eco-friendly
  • More resistant to everyday wear and tear and also to buckling or rippling
  • Can be used in basements, bathrooms, or any moist areas
  • No glue or nails necessary (although glue can be used)


Solid Hardwood Floors

  • Can be sanded and re-finished if needed (it is required every 15-20 years)
  • Ages with time to enhance the wood’s true beauty
  • Slightly more costly than engineered
  • Urethane coated floors can be recoated as needed to renew the surface of the floor.
  • This is more economical than sanding and refinishing.